Breast Cancer Awareness Month Starts October!

Breast Cancer Awareness Month is only a few weeks away, so now is the perfect time to plan a fundraiser, whether it’s big or small, to help you reach your fundraising goals! Don’t wait until October to get started or to let your friends and family know you’re riding in Tour de Pink, a ride that directly supports young women facing breast cancer.

    • Voicemail: Change your voicemail and answering machine messages to include your participation in Tour de Pink and ask people to help support you.
    • Email Signature: Add a link to your personal fundraising page to your email signature so everyone you email knows you’re riding in Tour de Pink.
    • Change Jars: Place a change jar in your office to encourage colleagues to donate their extra change every day. Attach a note to the jar explaining what Tour de Pink is and how their donations support young women with breast cancer.
    • Your Local Newspaper: Share your story with your local newspaper. Tell them about Tour de Pink and why you’re raising funds and riding to help support young women with breast cancer. Don’t forget to include the link to your fundraising page.
    • Wear Jeans to Work Day: Charge co-workers a minimum of $5 to wear their jeans to work for the month of October. Share YSC’s website and your own personal story to encourage more donations.
    • Local Businesses: Ask local businesses to participate in Breast Cancer Awareness Month by donating a portion of their revenue in October to your Tour de Pink ride.
  • Be proactive with your fundraising planning, and keep asking for donations.
  • Download and print YSC Fact Sheets and order resources or display and giveaways here.
  • Become familiar with YSC’s mission and facts about breast cancer in young women so you’re prepared if anyone asks why supporting your ride is important.