Significance of Fundraising, Words from Tour de Pink East Coast Riders

See below for words from fellow Tour de Pink Riders in how your fundraising has affected their lives and the lives of loved ones.

Kevin Nickerson, “Jamie, my wife, is the best thing that has ever happened to me and my daughters are the best gifts I’ve ever been given. If it were not for the YSC they would not be here. Thank you for all that you do to make sure no young woman faces breast cancer alone.”

Peter Guzzetti Sr.,“I have personally found it rewarding in the fundraising phase of this ride to let people know what YSC does for young women. To many I am sure YSC has served as a life raft helping them to better understand their diagnosis as well as their options and how they must advocate for themselves in the sea of confusion that surrounds cancer.”

Peter Guzzetti Jr., “The Young Survival Coalition was instrumental in providing my sister with the support she needed at that time, and in recognition of this, she became a champion for this cause. We are here because Kara believed in all of you, and so do we.”

Laurie Yori Riha, “As I got stronger and grew, so did the Young Survival Coalition. When I was first diagnosed, YSC only had a few affiliates around the country and there was not one where I lived, in Harford County Maryland. Now with the growth of the State Leader program and the Face to Face groups, YSC is able to reach many more young women all over the country when they need it most.”

Erin McKinney, “Treatment is not only the surgery, chemotherapy, radiation, physical therapy, medications and the like that so many of us have dealt with or are dealing with. Treatment, for me, has also been about getting in the same room with other people who "get it."  Treatment for any illness should include finding fun again and feeling understood. YSC has given these gifts to me through Tour de Pink and so many other programs that aided my recovery in so many immeasurable ways.”

Brian Guzzetti, “I'm back with my whole family, to continue to support the cause my sister dedicated her final years to. Kara used her diagnosis as a catalyst for change in her life where she left a career in law to organize with YSC.  She started Philly's Face2Face Metastatic group, which I'm told has since spread to New York, New Jersey and Connecticut. That is her legacy.”

Many people in your community will be looking for a way to contribute this October and you can leverage their interest in BCAM for your Tour de Pink fundraising. Click here for an example of how you can incorporate BCAM into your Tour de Pink communications this fall!