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Help Prevent Injuries with these Stretching Moves!*

UPWARD FACING DOG: This stretch opens up your chest, neck, hip flexors, and psoas after being hunched over on the bike.

BOW POSE: You will really feel this stretch through the shoulders and down the front of your body.

BRIDGE: Lie down, place your feet under your knees and lift your hips. If you can’t clasp your hands together, hold onto a strap. This pose can be taken one step further, into a full backbend, or WHEEL, to release tension of being hunched over while cycling.

LOW LUNGE QUAD STRETCH: From a low lunge position, grab your back foot with the opposite hand. From here, you can move into a SIDE STRETCH by dropping your hand of your front leg to the side of your body and reaching the opposite arm over to that side. This will work on your balance and open up that side body.

Back Body Release

DOWNWARD FACING DOG: The backs of your legs, calves and the bottoms of your feet will benefit from this position. These areas are under a lot of stress while cycling.

SHOELACE POSE: Wrap one leg over the other so your knees are stacked in front of you. Your feet should be as close to your hips as possible. Stay here, or lean forward until you feel a stretch from your hips through your IT band and hamstrings.

HALF PIGEON: Start in Downward facing dog. Send one leg up, bring that knee to the same side wrist.  Bring your back foot as far back as possible, front foot as far forward as possible.  Sit your hip/butt on a towel if your hip is high off the ground.  Spend a minute with one face cheek to the ground; spend another minute with the other face cheek on the ground to stretch out your neck. This pose can also be done on your back. Place your right ankle on top of your left knee and pull your left thigh toward your chest. IT band, hips, hamstrings, neck… this pose stretches it all.

*Stretching tips provided by LIV, for more information, please click here.