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Remaining Healthy During the Holidays

Keep Moving

Even if you are not riding during the holidays, you can stay active. Take the stairs, park your car in the furthest spot, take a longer route to the restroom, etc.

Fill Up Before the Festivities

When you expect a holiday gathering or holiday meal with an overabundance of food, ensure you do not enter the holiday meal on an empty stomach. Eat a larger and fulfilling breakfast to start your day and snack on high proteins before your holiday meal.

Stay Hydrated

Drink water with your holiday meals, and limit yourself to one or two glasses of other beverages.

Eat Slowly

The faster you eat, the more likely you will consume more food. The brain takes a while to realize that your stomach is full. Relax and take your time with each bite to not only enjoy the food but to allow your body to realize it is full.

Team Up

Have someone who is not only going to hold you accountable for eating healthy but will eat healthy alongside you.