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10 Tips for Cycling during Winter

 Clothing: Having the correct gear can keep you dry and warm on rides so that you are comfortable in the cold.

  • Winter Clothing Essentials: waterproof jacket, thermal bib tights, thermal/wicking undervest, windproof gilet/jersey, overshoes, windproof/thermal gloves, clear glasses.

 Punctures: The worse the weather, the more likely you are to get a puncture.

  • Make sure you have a set of at least two extra tubes and a working pump while heading out for a ride.

Food and Drink: Eating before and during your ride is as important in the winter as it is any other time of the year.

  • Make sure that your food during the ride will not become hard during the cold like energy bars.
  • Continue to drink water while you are cycling even if it not obvious you are not sweating.

Lights: Note the time it gets darker so you will be prepared with lights on your bike.

  • Small, light and very bright rechargeable LED lights can be commonly found.

Tires: If the weather in your area gets extremely cold, opt into winter road bike tires.

  • Ask your local bike shop for the best tire for the type of weather in your area.

Mudguards: The spray and grunge kicked up during your ride has the ability to land on your clothes, face and back.

  • Invest in mudguards so that your face and body are covered while braving the weather.

Maintenance: During the winter, you need to pay close attention to moving parts such as chains, gears, cables, hubs and the bottom bracket.

  • Wash your bike, oil your chains, check your cables and check your bike for rust regularly.

Winter Bike: Some people use older bikes or ones that are cheaper for the winter months to keep their more expensive bikes in top order.

Be Prepared: You may have specific requirements for the ride you are going on.

  • Make sure you plan a sensible route to match the predicted weather forecast, take a (charged) phone with you and some money in case of emergencies.

Use an Inside Trainer: Instead of braving the weather climate, stay in the comfort of your home and attach your bike to a trainer and train indoors.

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