Fundraise like a pro

“To my happy place!” - Eva W, Survivor | South, East & West Coast

“I found the person I lost four years ago and am realizing now I am even stronger than before my diagnosis.” - Consuelo Y, Survivor | East Coast

“To a road filled with love, hope and courage.” – Noel B, Survivor | South & West Coast

“200 miles brought me to a place where I am confident that I am strong enough to face anything that comes my way.” – Rachel Garner, Survivor | South

“On an amazing and beautiful journey that pushed me out of my comfort zone. I learned I could ride 200 miles and it was easier than I thought. I also had a chance to bond with my sister through that 200 miles and met some of the most inspiring people along the way. An incredible journey that I will never forget.” – Jennifer F, Survivor | West Coast

“To farther than I ever expected... and not in mileage... but in how fragile life really is.” – Michael Y | East Coast

“It took me from an all-time low... Dealing with metastatic cancer to feeling energized and alive again. My husband and I were humbled by the amount of old YSC/TdP friends from the East Coast that signed up and said ‘We are coming to ride with you’ .... This 200 miles brought me back home to my YSC family and I am forever thankful for this weekend and all of you!” – Maureen G, Survivor | South

“To a place of greater awe and support for my girlfriend and other cancer survivors.” - Greg G | East Coast 

“Riding 200 miles reminded me that I'm stronger than cancer!” - Barb G, Survivor | South & West Coast

“To the most emotional three days of my life.” – William N | West Coast

“Other than beating cancer, this is in my top five personal accomplishments. The sense of pride is overwhelming.” Mollie M, Survivor | East Coast

“200 miles took me on a journey to some new places, to some old places, with some old & some new friends of the YSC TDP family. I enjoyed the journey!” – Patti C, Survivor | East & West Coast

“To newfound strength and trust in my body again.” – Kate A, Survivor | West Coast

“To the massage parlor for some innocent molestation of the thigh muscles. The riding was well worth it!” – Kelly DV, Survivor | East Coast

“Many friendships, memories of those not riding, and great scenery from coast to coast.” – Pam R | East & West Coast

“To a family of AMAZING individuals who really care deeply about one another.”– Jenn R | East Coast

“As a dear friend described the feelings the day after we were home. ‘It's like the day after Christmas’ TdP ALWAYS is such an emotional, exhilarating weekend - it really lifts me up and empowers me!” – Lynn P, Survivor | South

“Re-affirmed my faith in humanity; and there are strong, amazing people overcoming obstacles and leading amazing lives.” – Jeffrey S | East Coast

“To honor and memorialize those in my life, including TdP riders, to reconnect with the TdP community and people I've developed relationships with over my 8 rides, to support YSC to continue its mission, to make a difference and give purpose while doing something I love--riding my bike. I laughed, cried, honored and memorialized my friends and loved ones, and my donors loved ones. Doing this ride brings my peace, joy, gratitude and love.” – Cathy J | West Coast

“I know I can inspire myself as much as I can inspire others to keep living my best life. I didn't know if I could bike 200 miles but I surprised myself!” – Lindsay G, Survivor | East Coast

“On a journey that reminded me that all things are possible with belief in oneself and not to take life so seriously.” – Christel B, Survivor | South

“To the steaming heat of the sunshine in Cape May in mid-September.” – Liane O | East Coast

“More committed than ever... came back home to hear 3 stories within 24 hours that YSC could have made a difference and in one case may be a guiding light... 200 miles... it is just the beginning!” – Debbie M | West Coast

“It made me proud of myself and what I was able to do. I gained confidence in myself. I felt a stronger sense of pride in YSC and the work we do.” - Mary A | South

“200 miles took me back to seeing old friends, meeting new ones & raising money for the wonderful women of the YSC!” – Barbara B | East Coast

“Through the soul-sucking expanse known as Camp Pendleton.” – Anonymous | West Coast

“To a confidence of knowing I can beat anything now!” Jerri H, Survivor | South

“200 miles took me on an incredible journey of the heart where I witnessed so much love, perseverance and inspiration!” - Renee G | East Coast

“To a place of peace and tranquility where I can still grieve and celebrate life at the same time.” – Lissette O | East Coast

“Reaffirmed that I am strong and able! Makes me thankful for my abilities.” - Shelia C, Survivor | West Coast

“From the happiest place on earth (Disney) to my favorite place (the beach) with lots of laughter and tears along with way. I signed up to do the ride as a single participant, no team or friends, and left on Sunday saying I have found 100+ new friends. I am proud to say I am part of the YSC family.” - Penny W, Survivor | South

“To an incredible 3 days and my longest ride ever on a single day - 103 miles.” – Brian C | East Coast

“To a human touch journey focused on inspiring, encouraging and leaving a legacy to others.” - Felix H | South

“217 miles two years after a second cancer diagnosis proved that nothing can bring me down.” – Kim M, Survivor | East Coast

“I broke through many mental and physical barriers and feel empowered and excited. I love cycling and will continue that. I contributed to YSC and feel really good about that. It's a cool group where everyone is loved and accepted, everyone wins and has fun and supports each other. Woot! Woot!”  - Barbara M, Survivor | West Coast

“To feeling stronger than cancer.” - Kathleen S | East Coast

“A more in-depth understand of what YSC really means to the people you support.” - Joe R | East Coast

“It took me to a place that provided perspective and a better understanding, I felt emotions all weekend that kept my heart full of joy and hope and met some amazing people that make the world a better place.” - Thomas  R | East Coast

“Lots of time for inner self reflection and thinking of ways to keep people focused on our young women and how we can support them if diagnosed with breast cancer.” - Helen R, Survivor | East Coast

“To places I've never been before.” – Zionna H | West Coast

“It took me down a road I knew would be hard to travel, after losing my friend. And at times it was. But in the end, it found me a new reason to keep riding and supporting YSC.” - Debra T | East Coast

“I stepped way outside my comfort zone and accomplished something I didn't think I could.” Tracy L, Survivor | South

“To making friends for life through 'blood, sweat & tears' ... to a wonderful place that I want to return to each year, to a commitment for life or until this cancer is cured.” – Dianne C | East Coast

“My 200 miles completed a chapter in my journey with breast cancer. I am a survivor and healthy and 10 years past cancer.” - Kimberly S, Survivor | South

“It gave me a broader perspective on breast cancer and the people it effects. It was cool to see so many men involved in both the ride as well as in sharing stories.” - Dawn H | East Coast

“Year one I barely made it. Year two was all about proving to myself that I could conquer the route with ease. Year three was all about the experience, the people, and the hope this ride provides.” – Wendy T, Survivor | West Coast

“I did it for my mother and never knew I could push that hard. It also gave me a reason to quit smoking and for the first time I feel I can maintain it.” - David G | South

“To the ocean with new friends! I think I'm coming away with a new point of view about the strength of this community of women and men: it is incredible.” -  Joel F | East Coast

“Regaining faith in myself, my body, and what I can achieve.” - Michelle E, Survivor | South

“200 miles took me on a physical and spiritual journey like no other. I pushed my body to the limits while I rode alongside beautiful survivors and survivor families.” - Lisa D | East Coast

“To my TdP family, my happy place, new memories, new friends, to personal achievements, and wicked tan lines.” – Heather S | South, East & West Coast

“To live the greatest gift of humanity: helping others.” – Evelyn H | South & East Coast

“To bed!” – Jeff S | West Coast

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