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2016 in Review

This was the first year that Tour de Pink had three rides, including the Inaugural South Ride! We are so proud of our riders for their incredible hard work in the saddle from the first mile to the last mile. We are extremely thankful for your dedication to raising funds so that we can ensure no young woman faces breast cancer alone. See below for a year in review of stats and words from the Tour de Pink Team! 

Words from the Tour de Pink Team

Kay, YSC Senior Events Manager

The year 2016 was a landmark year for Tour de Pink as we expanded the ride to the Southern region of the country to ride the flattest 200 miles ever in Tour de Pink history. As I reflect about the past year I continually come back to the feeling of amazement of the support and inspiration within this community. I was amazed when I saw how many riders came from the East Coast and West Coast to support the inaugural ride, to fundraise, to recruit and to support the local riders. They then went on to also participate in one of the fall rides, committing themselves to double the effort in order to support YSC in 2016.  There were even a few people who committed to either fundraising and riding, supporting, or volunteering at all three rides this year. This level of passion and commitment to supporting YSC speaks volumes as to what a remarkable community Tour de Pink has become over the years and continues to be. Perhaps this is why I’ve heard more and more people over the years refer to the “Tour de Pink Family” when referring to those that they continue to ride with and ride for year after year. It is my honor and privilege to work for this Tour de Pink Family as you all continue to grow this community of support for young women with breast cancer.

Danielle, YSC Events Associate

In 2016 I celebrated my first year at the Young Survival Coalition as well as my first Tour de Pink at the Inaugural South Ride. I experienced so many wonderful moments and met many incredible individuals throughout the three rides. However, one of the most impactful memories was meeting a young survivor, close to my age, through the Inaugural South Ride. I had been in communication with this rider for several weeks prior to the ride, encouraging her and her family to participate in the ride instead of backing out. Many emails, phone calls and tears were shed over those weeks. When the decision was made to participate in the ride, I was beyond excited and meeting her in Florida was truly memorable. Throughout the ride, we continuously spoke with each other at breakfasts, rest stops and dinners. Seeing her ride across the finale, knowing what she had accomplished over the last three days is an emotion I will not forget. In a way, we experienced our first Tour de Pink together and thankfully it will not be either of our last.

Colette, YSC Events Associate

This year brought a lot of firsts for me as it was my first year living in Atlanta, my first year with YSC, and my first time at Tour de Pink. One of my favorite parts of 2016 was getting to know you, the Tour de Pink family. I knew before I attended the rides that people appreciated and valued YSC, enough to fundraise and get on a bike for 3 days to help support what the organization does. But it was a very different experience to sit in a room with 200 other riders during dinner and hear your personal stories about how YSC has brought you connections and support during times that are scary and lonely, or helped you to cope with the loss of a loved one, or empowered you with knowledge so that you would still have the option of building the life and the family that you want after treatment. Being a young woman the same age as many survivors I met definitely made an impact on me as well, and it was hard to hear some of the stories of how breast cancer impacted their lives forever. But I also felt uplifted by the feeling of inspiration, hope and support that permeated the weekend – like standing on the sandy shores of California and watching the survivors link hands and run into the ocean. The YSC and Tour de Pink family continues to inspire me every day, and I look forward to sharing another year of work, laughter, tears – whatever this year may bring, with you.


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