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Words from Survivor Riders

Have you wondered how long your fellow survivor riders train? What experience they had before Tour de Pink? What they do to prepare for 200 miles (or more) in three days? Read from a few below!

Lisa L “Riders, bike marshals and motorcycle marshals are all amazingly supportive. If you get tired there is more than enough help. They had hopper vans if you wanted to skip sections. It's an amazing experience. I was insanely active before treatment and I definitely needed a big goal to get me focused on fitness again. This ride is totally doable and highly motivating.”

Laurie Y. “My first ride I had no experience. I didn't even know how to shift gears on my bike.”

Tracy L. “When I signed up for TdP, I had been on a bike exactly once since college. I didn't own a bike. I had done a lot of walking (3-4 miles a few days a week), but no real "work out." When I signed up, I started doing some ab work to try to strengthen my core. I was really wobbly and slightly terrified. Getting past the fear was part of the journey.”

Elisa A. “I had a bit of experience but nothing like the distances we did at Tour de Pink!

Tiffany O. “Before doing the East Coast TdP last year, I had not been on a bike since high school!! I was not a very active person either.”

Kit A. “None. Well only if you count riding a bike around the neighborhood in elementary school.”

Kelly H. “No bike experience. Worked out a little, but not nearly as much as now! I was scared to death my first year. If I never got a bike from LIV I would have never started cycling. But, once you see the vibe of the ride, you'll understand and totally love it! Thanks Tour de Pink!”

Erin G. “I could ride, but am not an endurance fan. I did not work out prior to Tour de Pink.”

Jamie P. “No cycling training before the ride, but I did work out!”

Lisa L. “No experience, I tried to follow the training plan you guys posted. I bought my bike right before the plan started.”

Heather L. “Three years out and I'm still struggling with core strength. Hell, sometimes I get up from the reclined position and I'll get a charley horse feeling in my abdomen. I did my first TdP in 2016. I struggled, but even without training managed to do over 100 miles of the ride. I don't really have any training tips aside from just getting on the bike and putting in the miles.You can do this! And for those times during the ride when you can't, there are amazing -- wait, make that PHENOMENAL - bike/moto marshals who will push your butt where it needs to go. They helped me on several occasions. No shame in that game. I would never ever attempt any other 200-mile ride than this one.

Ellen S. “I trained using their recommendations. No real bike experience before that. The 2nd year I did it, I worked with a personal trainer and it made a huge difference in my stamina and enjoyment of the ride.”

Kelly H. “I used the training TdP gives you. Go by time and not miles, it's much easier that way. Take your time, it's not a race. It's hard to believe now, but you'll be hooked after your 1st TdP.”

Erin C. “I had been on a bike a few times since my paper route in middle school. Nothing longer than a mile or two. I would say I was active, I paid for a gym membership religiously but did not work out on the regular.”

Michelle W. “I started riding in 2010 but didn't ride while I was sick. I try to ride a century every year. Riding up hills and the immediate gratification soaring down them make me addicted to riding. I'm a badass and I conquer hills and cancer and brain injuries.”

Tracey M. “I decided to buy a road bike and train just for TdP. I had never ridden a bike further than 5 miles. At the tail end of treatment, I met other survivors from the Fightin Phillies and caught the bug! Breast cancer put me on my bike! I had been somewhat active but was 48 yrs old and not in the best shape. TDP gives me an extra push to stay healthy, vibrant and celebrate my journey.. I am so grateful. I will turn 51 this year and will do my 3rd TdP.. and no more cancer!”

Linda M. “I worked out quite a bit before my first TdP in 2009. Rode my bike all over growing up. Before TdP I had a hybrid that I rode and used it doing a sprint tri.”

Eva W. “I had lots of cycling experience prior to TDP. I did work out.”

Lora B.  “I started cycling a few years before I was diagnosed. My bicycle and group of cycling friends were a big part of my journey. I continued to ride during chemo and radiation, just not nearly as long or hard as I did prior. My group checked on me and encouraged me when I didn't feel up to it. In a lot of my life I still don't quite feel like me. When I'm on my bike, I do.”

Alison G. “No road experience but worked out after very little exercise during treatment”

Ingrid S. “Lots of urban biking, some road biking. Good road skills. I worked out a bit -- cardio in a gym.”

Amanda S. “Bought my first bike for tdp this past year.Trained for a month before by riding.”

Consuelo R. ““None before my first ride, joined a riding club near my home and rode with them 6 times and that helped me a lot. I still need to learn better shifting! During my treatment I mainly did walking, Zumba (mainly tapped my feet) and Silver Sneakers. The best road bike training in my life was my first TdP.”

Michelle P. “I had not ridden a bike in four years and before that it was over 12 years! Prior to the actual 2015 West Coast, the longest I had rode was 20 miles at one time. I accomplished 146 miles those 3 days. Pretty proud of myself.

Melissa P. “Worked out a ton. Lots of running. No riding unlike previous years and believe me I felt it. I wouldn't recommend doing it that way.”

Lisa M. “I had really only ridden a beach cruiser prior to the Tour de Pink. I followed the guide on the Tour de Pink page at the beginning but honestly worked on regular workouts (non bike) just as much. I needed to build my strength and stamina. It was an amazing experience!”

Kate F. “I had ridden some in the past, but had never really known about shifting, had never clipped in, didn't own a bike...I rode bike share sometimes before diagnosis. But I bought a bike for TdP and started training and loved it! I had always been an active person, just not with biking (mostly ultimate frisbee and running).”

Tracy D.“I had no cycling experience before signing up for my first TdP! I didn't even have a bike when I signed up, but was lucky enough to receive a donated bike from #LivGiant! I have been riding ever since and will be doing my 5th TdP this year!”

Susan M. “I hadn't been on a bike since my teen years. I started working with a trainer, then migrated to spin class. I worked out a lot more between my first TdP and my second TdP.”

Rachel K.  “Hubby helped me with "training" for my first TdP, but I rode on the back of the tandem with him so it was easier for me than the first time I rode my own bike. Really only rode the bike, no working out. I had done a few century rides before riding in TdP. Probably could have "trained" better than I did.”

Michelle C. “I had no experience. Bought my first bike for the ride. I used to work out but prior to starting to train for ride I had not worked out for over a year.”

Nadia T. “I mountain biked but never road bikes. Once I received the LIV bike I started training! A good friend helped me and showed me how to use the pedals (we had a hilarious moment where I was falling over, clipped in, and my friend was trying to grab my arm like it was a rope but kept missing. He caught me right before I fell over). That first week with the pedals was rough, I fell so many times, into stopped cars because they could see that I was about to crash and burn, onto the same poor spot on my elbow and knee. I used to be very fit and active but after the treatments I lost so much fitness. Training for the ride whipped me back into shape and I re-gained so much strength. Recently I was even able to use my 10 lb weights again after not being able to from my surgeries and radiation. I'm 3 years out from diagnosis and I don't think I would have gotten as strong as I am right now without TdP.”

Gena H. “I rode a bike recreationally but nothing for a long period of time. When I knew I was riding I trained at a state park with help from a friend but still considered myself a novice after 2 TdP. I will try and work on my core this year to better help.”

Kristy H. “I had not been on a bike since I was a child. I started riding at a slow pace. I tried to boost distance and time each ride. It is an amazing experience.”