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State Leaders and why they're essential to YSC

The money you raise as a Tour de Pink rider supports YSC’s outreach efforts. An integral part of YSC’s outreach is performed by State Leaders. The YSC State Leader program was created as a way of harnessing the power of our most committed volunteers to help spread the word about YSC. What started as a group of 20 women spread around the country that attended health fairs on behalf of YSC and spoke to their healthcare providers about YSC resources available to them, has grown into over 150 State Leaders in all 50 states! State Leaders act as a liaison between YSC and their communities. Their contributions include identifying local and statewide resources for young women affected by breast cancer, as well as promoting outreach, education and awareness activities throughout their region.

The experience, skills and talents of our State Leaders make a significant impact in reaching every young woman diagnosed with breast cancer in each region. Because of the money raised by TdP riders, YSC is able to work closely with our local leaders and provide a robust training program as well as ongoing support. State Leaders are the ambassadors and faces of YSC and truly help YSC achieve the mission that young women will not face breast cancer alone.

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