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What you need to know about Group Rides

What is a group or training ride?

A group ride is a multiple-hour ride consisting of as little as 3 people to as many as 150. The purpose of a group training ride is that everyone improves on how to ride safely in a group, while working toward a common goal like conditioning or technical skills. Group rides are not races and you can have multiple levels of riders who ride in different pacing groups. Get out there and ride!

6 Basic Skills for Group Rides

  1. Find the right group for you
    • Ask the group about their general policies, if it is a “no-drop” ride or what the pace groups are.
  2. Hold your line
    • You need to be capable of riding a line parallel with the edge of the road.
  3. Control your speed
    • When and if you become the lead rider, keep the pace steady! A pace line in a group ride is of course happiest, when the pace is steady.
  4. Keep eyes and ears open
    • While riding in front, you have the best visual and need to point out road hazards with your voice and hand signals. When you are following, avoid a visual fixation on their real wheel in front of you.
  5. Anticipate problems
    • Always stay aware of other riders around you
  6. Practice
    • Ride smarter, not harder

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