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Riding in the Rain

With Tour de Pink, you never know what kind of weather you might be riding in over your three day journey. On top of being prepared for all weather conditions, there are seven more reasons below on why you should train in the rain a few times before Tour de Pink.

Better Bike Handling

Of course, when riding in the rain, the roads are wet making the roads more dangerous. It takes longer to stop and it is much easier to slide out making you want to break lighter and earlier.

If you train in the rain, you will become more comfortable and prepared for scenarios like navigating wet roads when you're with a larger group of riders. When the sunshine does decide to come out and the rain lets up, you will be a pro!

Gear Smarts

To truly be prepared you will need a functioning rain jacket. As you train, you will quickly find out if your gear is ready for the rain or not before you head out for Tour de Pink.

You’ll also figure out if you prefer to have rain caps or fenders to help deter the rain from yourself.

Wear bright colors for visibility - colors also tend to pop against a gray backdrop!

More Consistency

Instead of losing valuable days of training due to rain, you will continue to grow endurance and strength for your ride in rain or shine.

Hero Points

Those who see you riding in the rain will not only be awed but also encouraged by your ability to power through.

Increased Confidence

As you gain skills and knowledge riding through the rain, you will gain confidence in all other weather, including sunshine!


People tend to stay inside when it is raining, meaning that the road, path or trail will be all yours.

Great Appreciation for Comfort

After you have powered through your rides in the rain, the warmth of inside will be much more welcoming. You will also be much more appreciative of the sun!