Obtaining Sponsorships on Your Team Jersey

Does your team have your own team jersey? A great way to fundraise more for your team is to ask businesses and companies to sponsor you! If the business makes a donation, you can place the business' logo on your team jersey. If you do not have a team jersey, click here for more information. Read below for tips and tricks.

  • Final local businesses or companies
    • Reach out to your team and see who has connections within their community
    • Go door to door to businesses who might be interested
  • Talk to the business manager or owner about Tour de Pink and why you ride
    • Print off the East or West sponsor reach letter to provide more information regarding Tour de Pink and YSC
    • More documents regarding YSC can be found on the fundraising resources page
  • Ask the business owner to donate to your ride. In return, their logo will be placed on your team jersey!
    • Your team can decide what levels of donation receive better logo placement on the jersey. For example: An $800 donation gets a sleeve placement while $300 gets a back pocket placement.
    • As a tip, prime location is on the sleeves and sides of your jersey. These locations could be given to higher sponsorships than those on the pockets on the back of the jersey.
    • Remember, donations are tax deductible, YSC’s 501c3 tax identification number is 13-4057685.
  • Thank the business!
    • Send thank you letters
    • Send pictures and maybe an extra jersey
    • Post on social media on their behalf