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Discussion Boards

One of YSC’s longest running programs are the Discussion Boards. The YSC Discussion Boards were one of the first programs created to connect young women affected by breast cancer with other women across the country. The three women who created YSC did so because they wanted to talk to other women their age who understood what they were going through. While they were all located in New York City, it became evident that women everywhere would want that same opportunity to talk to other women, ask questions and help their feelings of isolation.

The YSC Discussion Boards are still an active place for women and their co-survivors to post questions, find women with similar diagnoses or treatment plans, and share information and emotional support. The money raised by TdP riders helps support this program that serves as a vital connection after a diagnosis, during treatment and well beyond. If you are a young woman affected by breast cancer or a co-survivor looking to connect online, visit to take part in our online community.

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