Fundraising is better with a Team

Fundraising is better together. With a team, you have the support of multiple people creating new ideas, celebrating successes and understanding your reason for fundraising.

Are you a part of a team? Are you looking to join a team or create one? If so, check out riders in your area by clicking here and joining our TdP Family Facebook Page here! Create your own team and become a Team Captain or ask to join someone else’s team.

Look below for the benefits of having a team for fundraising:

How many people can be part of a team?

As long as you have two people, you have a team! We encourage you to recruit as many members as you can.

I registered as an individual rider but now want to form (or join) a team. What do I do?

Please email, and we will get your team set up.

How can I make one of my teammates a co-captain?

It's easy! Just follow these steps:

  1. Log in to your "My HQ"
  2. Click on the "My Team Fundraisers" link
  3. Click on the "Add as co-captain" link next to the person you wish to add

What is the fundraising minimum for teams?

At the captain’s discretion, teams may fundraise together to cover each team member’s minimum of $2,500 (for three-day riders) and $350 (for one-day riders). For example, if there are 4 three-day riders on a team, the minimum goal would be $10,000 because that covers all four members’ $2,500 minimum. But on a team, it doesn’t matter who raises how much of the team minimum (if 1 of your 4 riders raised $5,000 alone then the other 3 riders need to raise the remaining $5,000 together).

Can people donate to a team and have it split among team members?

You can submit a large donation check over the amount of $500 to be split among team members; however, YSC is unable to split online donations among various team members. If you would like to share an online donation with team members, please have the donor write a separate check to each individual team member or make separate donations online to each individual's fundraising page.

Does everyone on the team have to raise $2,500?

We encourage each three-day rider team member to raise $2,500 and one-day rider team members to raise $350. We require that together, as a team, you fundraise to cover the fundraising minimum for each team member. For example; if you have 4 members on your team riding all three days, your team’s fundraising minimum is $10,000. 1 member may raise $5,000 and the other 3 members raise the remaining $5,000, as long as you reach the team minimum.

We cannot direct donations that have been made to your account to another person’s account after the donation has been made. When you send in your checks, please ask that they be credited to the appropriate person’s account on your donation log. For online donations, direct your donors to your team member’s participant page and provide the appropriate URL to make it simple.