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Tour de Pink, From the Beginning

Have you ever wondered the reach of Tour de Pink? How many people have gone through this journey with you? Since 2004 we have had:


  • We have had 3,768 total riders
    • We have had 3,265 three day riders
    • We have had 503 one day riders
  • We have had 960 Survivors ride
  • We have had 1,259 Co-Survivors ride
  • Of the total riders, 3,449 have also been donors
  • We have had 174 LIV bikes donated to our Survivor riders
  • Of the total riders, 244 have been Team Captains
  • Of the total riders, 1,105 have been on a Team
  • We have had 1,289 male riders
  • We have had over 2,318 female riders


  • Our riders have been from a total of 48 states.
  • The top states are riders are from are:
    • Pennsylvania has had 689 riders
    • California has had 630 riders
    • New York has had 476 riders
  • Our riders have come from more than 5 countries outside of the US
  • Tour de Pink has ridden and stayed in over 66 cities

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