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Our South Rider, Juan Traverson (Pico)

My name is Juan Traversone, aka Pico. I came across the Tour de Pink South Ride last year and was intrigued. I did a lot of research on this ride and accepted the challenge. I'm an avid cyclist, albeit a mountain biker. My thought was to buy a road bike, start training and it worked out really well.

My longest ride before April's South ride was 60 miles. Day 1 comes and right off the bat, my first ever 80 mile ride! Wow, was I happy that I accomplished that. Day 2 comes - I again accepted the challenge of attempting my first ever Century (100 mile ride) & guess what, after a grueling day 1 of 80 miles with a massive headwind the entire day, Day 2 would prove no different. 100 miles of the same massive headwinds fighting you, trying to make you quit and not only mentally, but physically exhaust you. I pushed through the pain and after 8 and a half hours on my bicycle, I accomplished my first ever Century.

The reason I chose to accept this bike ride was for my wife, who is a breast cancer survivor of almost 5 years now. I was accepted into the "Why We Ride" Team and it couldn't have been any better. Jose Falcon, Felix Hernandez, Evelyn Hernandez, Tamika Patridge and the rest of my team gladly and proudly made me feel the love when I joined. During the ride on Day 1, I noticed the team "Pretty in Pink" ladies fighting the grueling head wind and it was then I decided I would stay behind to make sure they would have a work horse to lead them through the day. I felt compelled to motivate these ladies, who all are breast cancer survivors, who again put on the gloves to fight once more through this bike ride. Needless to say they fought through the pain and made it through both days.

Seeing these ladies cross the finish line each day only compels me to come back once again. Headwinds or no headwinds, I can’t wait for Tour de Pink South 2018 and to ride our third and finale day.

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